We’ve closed turkey orders for 2019, but you can still sign up for our waitlist by clicking Here. We’ll update you on our availability By November 6th.

Our certified organic turkeys are raised on pasture, frequently moved to fresh ground, and fed only local certified organic grain. In addition to providing lots of insect/plant forage for our birds, pasturing our turkeys allows for their improvement of the farm system by fertilizing soil and eating pests. Most importantly, our turkeys get lots of fresh air and exercise, making them happier and healthier birds.

We take pride in guaranteeing the highest quality turkey for our customers. After arriving as day old poults, our birds never leave the farm. They are processed by the farmers at Stonecrop Farm, which avoids the stress of being transported to a slaughterhouse and leads to a higher quality product.

Our turkeys are sold fresh for Thanksgiving, on pre-order only (with a $40 deposit per bird). Do not hesitate to reserve your bird now before we run out!

Average size: 16-22 lbs (for birds outside of this range, pre-order early!)

Cost: $5.99/lb minus your $40 deposit

How to Purchase: Reserve your turkey online here.

Pickup Info: Fresh whole turkeys will be available for pickup Sunday, November 24 from 2-6pm at Stonecrop Farm in Henrietta, NY.