Choosing how you want your half pig butchered can sound like a daunting task, but we hope this sample cut sheet will help demystify the process with some helpful insights into what each cut is used for and about how many pounds you'll get from each part of the pig. If you want to go an even easier route, you can start with some of our pre-filled cut sheets below and customize from there:

The Classic Stonecrop - If you love the way our pork is cut when you buy is from us by the cut, you can follow these instructions and get a great selection of your favorite cuts, just the way you've purchased them from us in the past.

The Grillmaster - If you want to grill most of your pork (or just just like smaller portion sizes), we've assembled a cut sheet for smaller grillable items and plenty of sausage links, along with lots of your other favorite.

The Couple - If you're a couple or very small family, this set of options will offer you mostly items that can be used for smaller dinners or two person portions per package.

The DIY Bacon Maker - This cut sheet is for the ambitious pork lover who wants to try their hand at curing/smoking their own ham/bacon/jowls. If you just want to dabble at home curing before committing to doing it all, choose some fresh belly or jowl to try, and let our butcher take care of the rest for you.

The Custom Option - If you know exactly what you want from your half pig, here is a blank cut sheet where you can start from scratch and fully customize your half pig.


You can put in a deposit for a half or whole organic pig Share in person at the Brighton Farmers Market or on our online store: