Health Benefits of Pasture Raised Pork

in Rochester, NY



At Stonecrop Farm our pigs are pasture-raised, meaning that from the day that our pigs are born to the day they go to the butcher, they live outside on pasture.  All of our animals are certified organic and our pigs are no exception. This means that they are always antibiotic and hormone free. In addition to all the yummy forage they find outside on pasture, they are given a ration of the highest quality certified organic grain every day.

We raise our animals this way because we know that, like us, you want to feel good about the food that you eat. If you haven’t already tried our meat, you’ve got to give it a try. Our happy and healthy pigs give you a far superior flavor and texture and give you some pretty remarkable health benefits too

Unlike confinement pork operations where the pigs are routinely exposed to hormones and antibiotics, our pigs are clean and free of toxins. They are raised on pasture, where they are supposed to be, and this means our animals are healthier and the meat is free of contaminants you find in store-bought pork products.

Our pork in Rochester, NY is raised on 56 acres of certified organic mixed fields and forest, supplying them the highest quality nutrition and plenty of space to roam and graze.

Because our pigs are routinely exposed to sunlight, our pasture raised pork is also rich in Vitamin D (McGruther) which is known to contribute to bone health, managing blood sugar and enhancing our immune system (Babcock). Our pigs are raised on pasture, allowing them to express their natural tendencies to root and forage, resulting in tastier and more tender pork.

Further, its been found that pasture-raised animals can contain up to double the amount of omega-3 fatty acids, a type of unsaturated healthy fat, compared to conventionally raised meats. It is believed that by switching from conventional to organic, pasture-raised food, consumers’ omega-3 intake increases dramatically, without the spike in overall calories or saturated (less healthy) fat (Macmillan and Naftulin). This means that if you compare a pork chop like ours, to one that you might pick up from a grocery store, you can expect a similar calorie intake but much higher omega-3 levels which is known to reduce your risk of heart disease, depression, dementia and other health conditions.

If you've never had pastured pork before, you are in for a treat! Our pork in Rochester, NY is available year round at the Brighton Farmers Market every Sunday and our weekly Farm store in Henrietta on Thursday afternoons. We have all your favorite cuts like bacon, shoulder roasts, chops, ribs and tenderloins, as well as some less common ones for you to explore like ham hocks.

Beyond having a variety of cut options available we also offer pig shares, with half pig and whole pig options available year round. If you're interested in finding a more economical way to buy our fantastic pork in Rochester, NY then buying a half or whole pig is for you.  

Come check us out at Brighton Farmers Market on Sundays from 1-4pm or at our weekly Farm Store Thursday 5-7pm to get some of our great pork in Rochester, NY.

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