If you've never had pastured pork before, you are in for a treat. Our pigs live on pasture 365 days-a-year, which means that they always have tons of fresh air and space to roam. Much of their diet comes from foraging in the fields and forests and they also get a ration of local, certified organic grain every day.  They are never exposed to hormones, pesticides or antibiotics. All of this results in tastier, tender and healthier pork.

Pork cuts for sale: tenderloin, chops, shoulder roasts, shoulder steaks, rib roasts, spare ribs, Italian sausage (hot and mild), breakfast sausage, deli ham, ham roasts, smoked bacon, pork belly, fresh and smoked hocks, fat, bones and organ meats

How to Purchase: Brighton Farmers Market (Sundays) and Farm Store (Thursdays 430-6pm)

Price: Priced by the pound, depending on the cut OR with discount if purchased by the half pig