If you’re looking for a more economical way to purchase our fantastic pork, then buying a half pig might be for you!  You’ll get a little of everything and you’ll usually save about $50 compared to the retail price.

Buying a half pig means that you get approximately ~65-75 lbs of pork, butchered and packaged exactly how you want it. A half pig might sound like a lot, but it fits easily into a standalone freezer or small chest freezer, with plenty of room to spare for other frozen food.

If you’re not sure how you want your meat cut up, we will be your guides to help you through the process or you can try always try one of our cut sheet templates

To get the ball rolling and order your half pig, you will need to place a deposit with us online or at market. We usually book a few months in advance and pickup is at our Farm Store.

Availability: year-round

Deposit: $250 deposit/half pig

Price: $5.75/lb per hanging weight of the pig (our half pig hanging weights usually average 95 lbs though every pig is a little different). The price per lb includes butchering and packaging. You’ll be charged a little extra for any meat you want cured/smoked, and a no-nitrate option is available. The total balance (minus your $250 deposit) is due at pickup.

Smoking Costs: $1.20/lb for standard curing/smoking, $3.25/lb for no-nitrate curing/smoking.

Watch the video below to learn more and see what we did with a half pig.