Half/Whole Pig Shares

Our pigs are available by the whole or half pig on pre-order, cut to your specifications.

The price for a pig share is $5.75/lb hanging weight. This includes slaughter and basic butchering, but excludes smoking costs ($1.20/lb standard smoked meat, $3.25/lb for no-nitrate smoking).  

Hanging weights usually average around 190 lbs for a whole pig, 95 lbs for a half pig. This means that for a half pig, you will bring home roughly 70-75 lbs of cut, vacuum wrapped, and frozen meat for your freezer for approximately $525, plus smoking costs. However, all animals are different, so please expect some variation on the final price.

A half pig might sound like a lot, but it fits easily into a 5 cubic foot chest freezer, with plenty of room to spare for other frozen goodies to cook throughout the year. Buying a half pig allows you to stock up with a season's worth of pork for you and/or your family. And the meat is so tasty, we are sure it will disappear quickly!

Lastly, buying a pig share is the best way to support our farm because your deposit helps us cover our feed costs while raising your pig. It also allows us to manage inventory and plan for the season more effectively.



Though every pig is different and will vary slightly in the distribution of cuts, here is a rough idea of what to expect in a half pig. All weights are approximate.







You can put in a deposit for a half or whole pig Share in person at the Brighton Farmers Market or on our online store: