Grilling Tips from Stonecrop Farm

in Rochester, NY



Yes, warmer weather is almost here! It may not feel like it right now, but you’ll be out enjoying the sunshine with friends and family over home cooked meals soon. At Stonecrop Farm, we always have a supply of premium cuts of pasture-raised pork in Rochester, NY to keep you well stocked for the grilling season.

Our certified organic pigs are homegrown and guaranteed to be raised humanely on pastures, resulting in a healthier and tastier pork. All of our pork in Rochester, NY, including our chops, sausage and roasts, are antibiotic and hormone-free and safe for you and your family.

There is an art to grilling, and we are by no means experts. But here are some general rules of thumb to help you get started or improve your grilling techniques!

Gas or Charcoal?

Cooking with charcoal grill is more time-intensive but gives the meat that classic rich smoky flavor. It is ideal for cooking items like our pork shoulder steaks and bone-in meats like our pork chops. Pork burgers are also perfectly suited to be cooked on charcoal as well.

Gas grills are super easy to use... just turn the knob and you’re up and running.  Because it heats from propane, it doesn’t give you the classic smokey flavor that you get with charcoal grilling but it can’t be beat in terms of the convenience and control. Everything fares well on a gas grill, but it’s particularly good for when you want the deep sear and flavor of the grill and want to avoid the intense smokiness.

Essential Grilling Supplies

  1. Digital instant read thermometer (we use this one)

  2. Tongs or a big spatula to move things around on the grill

  3. Wire brush to clean the grill when you’re done cooking, ideally when the grates are still warm

General Grilling Tips

  • Cover the grill when cooking
  • Heat up the gas grill with all of the burners on high heat, then turn down at least one burner for a resting area for the food that’s cooking too quickly.
  • As a general rule of thumb, pork cuts with bones will generally take longer to cook than cuts without bone.  So be patient with the cooking process.
  • Resist the temptation to press down on your meat, this makes it so you lose some of the tasty juices.
  • The best way to ensure your meat is done is to use a meat thermometer. Rare is 120 degrees, medium is 140 degrees and well done is 160 degrees.  
  • Try adding a marinade or rub to your pork chops or steaks for a little added burst of flavor- we prefer to use only salt/pepper because the flavor of our pork is so vibrant but it’s always fun to experiment!

We are happy to provide you with the highest quality premium pork in Rochester, NY and we know that no matter which way you cook it, Stonecrop pork it is guaranteed to be tasty.  Find us every weekend at The Brighton Farmers Market where we offer a consistent supply of pork in Rochester, NY that is perfect for the grill. We’re looking forward to seeing you out in the sunshine soon.


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