The Kitchen Dance (plus another great free guide for you!)


As you've probably noticed by now, we write a lot! We write these fun newsletters every week where we share about what it's really like to be organic livestock farmers here in Rochester, with the highs and the lows and a seasonal recipe to inspire you in the kitchen. 

We post to social media almost every day with more stories from the farm and photos to give you a glimpse of how we raise our animals and what our every day life on the farm looks like. 

And, we also create guides for you like the Thanksgiving Recipe Guide or our the Ginger Storage Guide because we admire your enthusiasm for cooking with local organic ingredients and we LOVE supporting you in eating well!

So...yeah. It's safe to say that we write a lot. Maybe, more than a lot?  Who knows.  But, have you ever wondered who is writing this stuff anyways?  Is it Jenney or Greg or a combination of them both? Sometimes people ask us if we ever hire this stuff out? 

As funny as it sounds, it is all made possible by what our parents call the "Jenney and Greg Kitchen dance."  The kitchen dance is what happens every day when Greg starts cooking while I'm off doing something and then without saying a word, I'll start adding a little of this or a little of that. When we're really in our groove, there's very little need for explanation or verbal communications. And just like that, we've created something amazing together in the kitchen. I'm hoping that you get to dance like this with someone in your life, too? 

Well, the truth is, we do the "kitchen dance" every week with this newsletter. We have brainstorming sessions where we come up with concepts together months ahead of time. Then, I'll usually start writing a few paragraphs and then pass the computer to Greg so that he can literally finish my sentences or my paragraphs and tie the concept together with photos and subject lines. 

It might not be the most efficient way of writing and there are definitely times when we step on each other's toes (hah!), but our business and everything that comes from it including THIS NEWSLETTER is a true reflection of our partnership and our shared vision for our farm. 

So, we've done it again and worked together extra hard this week to make you another awesome guide. We want to help you get the most from your indoor Brighton Market trips and made a guide so you know where you are going (the location switched so we're indoors now!) and which vendors you can expect to see when you get there. If you're newer to the indoor market or interested in checking it out for the first time, this is a must have!

Download the guide for FREE here and let us know what you think!

Your Farmers, 
Greg & Jenney

PS- If you know of someone in your life who might also benefit from the guide, please share this post with them!  We want it to be a useful resource for everyone in our community!