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How your farmers celebrated their wedding anniversary

I'm not sure what most couples like to do for their wedding anniversaries. An adventure somewhere new, a hike to the top of a mountain, a trip to the movies, a fancy dinner out?

These were things Greg and I considered doing on Monday for our 6 year wedding anniversary. But if it says anything about us as people or as a couple, we did farm work instead and we loved every second of it.

We had budgeted time to take the day off on Monday. And we could have easily done any of the things I mentioned earlier. But to be honest, we woke up and got going with things on the farm and realized that this year, we were happiest celebrating the day doing ordinary things, together.

So, we celebrated our anniversary by doing farm chores, rotating animals to fresh pasture, and taking care of a new litter piglets, all while never leaving each others side. We did take some time for our favorite recently re-discovered hobby, tennis, and made sure to continue with the annual tradition we talked about in this newsletter last year, but overall it was just a usual day on the farm.

The day was the best reminder that you don't have go some place or do something grand to find joy and happiness. If you're paying attention, you can find it right where you are. And this week, we did just that.

Your Farmers,
Jenney and Greg

As graceful as an elephant on ice skates

There are some weeks where Greg and I are like a pair of synchronized swimmers. We have our routines and we know our respective responsibilities on the farm. Working together feels smooth, graceful and productive.

But this past week, we were far from synchronized and anything but graceful.

We were taking on some of the more unglamorous farm tasks that we had put off for while and somewhere along the way...between unpacking the office, doing farm equipment maintenance, and what felt like endless amounts of computer work...frustration bubbled up and we mis-communicated.

The logical part of our brain knows what to do when we're in that place. We've had enough practice to know when our wires get crossed, all we have to do is slow things down and talk it through. A walk around the neighborhood and a yoga class helps us, too.

But this week? It took us 2 whole days to get there (which, for the record, is like 2 days longer than usual!). But, here's the thing we came away from this week thinking about.

The fact that we've got such big goals for this farm (which you can read more about here) means that we're going to have our fair share of flops. If we're not flopping from time to time, it probably means our goals aren't really bold enough.

So here's to all the synchronized swims and the great big belly flops that will come our way on this journey to raising the most exceptional food for our community. And here's to YOU for being so awesome and choosing to support our farm.

Your Farmers,
Jenney and Greg

A perfect pair: a livestock farmer and a vegetarian


Last week, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary!

Every year on our anniversary, we spend a little time looking through our wedding photos and re-reading our vows. It's a little thing that has become an important tradition, giving us an opportunity to reflect on the year and remember what is most important to us in life. 

Looking back on our wedding this week, we realized that while our vows were different in a lot of ways - Greg talked about the pillars of our love and I cracked jokes about how I was rethinking my vegetarianism - one thing that was the same across both was the promise to support each other in achieving our biggest dreams.  

This farm is by far, our biggest and craziest dream yet. Becoming farmers and life-partners has taught us so much about love and life and we can't wait to see what another 5 years will bring! 

Your Farmers, 
Greg and Jenney

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PPS- I know you're wondering if it's true... and I really was a vegetarian for over 15 yrs before I married Greg!