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The ultimate balancing act

It's not often that farmers leave town during the busy season. But when one of your best friends gets married, you find a way to cram three days of work into one day and leave the farm in the dust. Last weekend, with the help of a very capable farm sitter, we did just that.

We had just about 24 hours to spare. And it turns out this was literally just enough time to get to the summer camp outside of Albany, stay overnight in bunk beds, be present for a beautiful star-lit wedding ceremony and a little bit of the reception and then get back into the car.

I would never recommend a travel plan like this. Driving home at 2am was stressful. In the rush, I probably lost something like an earring or a sock (it's a bad habit) and Greg would've been happier to have had more time to catch up with his elementary-school buds.

But I'm proud that we moved heaven and earth this week to show up for our friends while keeping our commitments to our customers. Despite all the craziness of leaving, including harvesting ginger in the dark at 5am, I know we'd would do it all over again because friendships, especially those that started when you were just 4 years old, are worth it.

Your Farmers,
Jenney and Greg

3 Things We Learned From Getting Away

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We just spent a week up in the Adirondacks. Every day was a clean slate, with absolutely nothing on the to-do list. It was sublime.

Compare this to the responsibilities of running the farm and it's quite comical, really. Because then, we had to come home. And come home, we a new litter of piglets that surprised us all and came a couple days early. To chickens that needed processing and the big herd of pigs, which needed to be rotated onto new pasture. And to 10+ acres of pasture that needed mowing...

One thing I always gain from stepping away from something I care deeply about is perspective. And there are a few things I think we can see more clearly today, than we could 2 weeks ago. Here are the top 3:

1. The farm is finally at a place where we can step away for a few days and everything will be ok. That is a relief. And it's also a sign that our hard work is paying off.

2. We need to keep exploring ways to lighten the load, so that we can keep doing this work for the next 30 years.

3. We love getting away...but being at our farm with our animals is our happy place. There is truly no place else on earth we'd rather be.

Your Farmers,
Jenney and Greg