Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Greg and Jenney have been together since they were juniors at Hamilton College and they’ve been happily married since 2013. They started Stonecrop Farm together in 2015, after Greg realized that he wanted to be an organic livestock farmer.

Greg is full-time on the farm.  He does most of the strategizing on the farm and runs the day to day operation. The part of farming Greg loves the most is moving animals to fresh pasture and watching our animals graze. Fun fact about him is that he has a PHD in chemistry!  No kidding...before he became an organic farmer, he was an atmospheric chemist.

Jenney works part-time on the farm. She helps take care of the animals and is the voice of most of our social media and newsletters. She’s at the Brighton Farmer’s Market with Greg every Sunday. Fun Fact about her is that she’s caught hundreds of babies as a midwife. The part of farming that she loves most is being outside and building relationships with customers.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Our Practices

Our Farm is certified organic through NOFA-NY. We don’t use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, antibiotics or hormones. We do not mistreat our animals and do not support practices that will damage our land or surrounding wildlife.

Pigs: All of our pigs are pasture raised, meaning they live outdoors on pasture 365 days a year. We raise heritage breeds like Tamworth, Mulefoot and Old Spot pigs. During the grazing season, we rotate our pigs onto fresh pasture every week. In addition to the forage they get from grazing our beautiful fields and forests, our pigs receive a ration of local certified organic grains every day. With rare exception, we run a “farrow-to-finish” pig-breeding program, which means that our pigs are with us from the day they’re born, to the day they go to the butcher. This means that we can guarantee our animals are raised humanely and sustainably.  We rarely buy in pigs from other farms and are very selective about the type of farm that we will purchase from when this is necessary.

Chickens and Turkeys: All of our poultry and eggs are certified organic. As soon as the chicks are strong enough to live outside, they’re moved to pasture where they can forage for plants and bugs. The birds live outside every day so they can get lots of exercise, fresh air and space to roam. They get a ration of local certified organic grain every day and during the grazing season, they’re moved to fresh pasture very frequently (once a DAY for broiler chickens and at least one a week for laying hens/turkeys). We do all of our poultry processing here on the farm, so we can avoid transport stress and guarantee they’re processed to our high standard.


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