Stonecrop Farm has found its home on 56 acres of certified organic mixed fields and forest in Henrietta, NY, sharing the land with abundant local wildlife.





Since starting our farm, we have been rehabilitating the neglected pastures with the help of our animals. Our heritage pigs are champions at breaking down brush and are hard at work rooting up and eating marginal plants throughout the year. The rest of our animals are restoring fertility and organic matter to the soil while feasting on the plants and insects that live there.

HOOP Houses

We are focusing our horticultural efforts on ginger and turmeric, both grown in hoop houses. These long season crops are sprouted in our basement and then planted into the soil in our hoop houses where they stay warm growing until harvest in the fall.


Stonecrop Farm is home to 25 acres of forest, including a protected wetland. We are thrilled with the abundant life that is already present in our woods. Our forests are also a part time home to our heritage pigs, which thrive in wooded environments.