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4-5lb - $5.99/lb
Flavor neutral cooking fat, perfect for pie crusts, pastry, and baking. 14oz Jar - $16.99
Slightly pork flavored, perfect for sautéing, frying, and general cooking. 14oz Jar - $14.99
2 per pack - $9.25/lb-10.49/lb depending on the type
in 1lb packs - $9.29/lb
4 links in ~1lb packs - $10.45/lb
4 links in ~1lb packs - $10.45/lb
bulk sausage in ~1lb packs - $10.45/lb
bone-in roasts - $9.00/lb
3/4lb packs - $13.25/lb
Thinly sliced ham in 1/2lb packs - $12.95/lb
2-3lbs per pack - $7.95/lb