If you're interested in finding a more economical way to buy our fantastic pork while also using the whole pig, buying a half or whole pig is for you! Our pigs are raised on pasture, allowing them to express their natural tendencies to root and forage. In addition to what they find on pasture and in our woods, we supplement the pigs' forage with local certified organic grain, resulting in tastier and more tender pork. Your half/whole pig will be professionally cut to your specifications and available for pickup at our farm in Henrietta, NY.


Organic Pig Shares

Pre-order half/whole organic pig shares online, by phone, or at the market. Get your pig cut to your specifications with the help of the farmers and our butcher.

Availability: Half/whole organic pig shares are available for pre-order for spring 2018.

Deposit: $250 deposit for half pig and $450 deposit for whole pig,

Price: $5.45/lb hanging weight (includes slaughter and basic butchering, excludes smoking costs) is due at pickup of your meat (minus your $450/$250 deposit). No-nitrate smoking available for an additional cost. Hanging weights usually average around 190 lbs for a whole pig, 95 lbs for a half pig. For more information on what to expect in a half/whole pig, please visit our organic pig share info page.