Stonecrop Farm CSA FAQ 

1. What does CSA stand for and why do you offer one?

CSA is an abbreviation that stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it is a model of farming that that is pretty popular these days. When you join a CSA, you’re entering a partnership with your farmers and it’s designed to be beneficial to everyone.   

The customer (that’s you) gets the benefit of knowing that you have an excellent source of local food week after week, grown and set aside just for you. With our farm, you get some other awesome perks too like a price discount, free farm tours and access to a private Facebook Group.

On the flip side, the Farmers (that’s Greg and me) get to have the peace of mind of knowing that the food we’re working sooooo hard to grow is pre-sold. This helps us sleep at night. Farming is stressful and this helps relieve a lot of stress for us. The CSA also helps us manage our cash flow through the season, too, which is important because running a farm and raising livestock is expensive.


2. I have a few vacations booked for the summertime, what should I do for pickup?

The most convenient option for us is if you can ask a friend or family member to pick up your share for you. This way, there’s not disruption in the schedule.  If that’s not possible, don’t stress. Just let us know when you’re going to miss a pickup, preferably by email with at least 1 week notice, and we’ll plan to double up with your next pickup. This helps us find a new home for your food and ensures that nothing is wasted.


3. I’m sorta forgetful. What if I forget to come to pick up?

We understand that it can be hard to remember to pick up, especially in the beginning of the season when you’re not in the routine yet.  To help, we’re offering free text-message reminders! You can opt in or out of these at any time but it will be a good option for busy people who need some support remembering to pick up.  


4. What if there’s an emergency and i have to miss pickup at the last moment?

If an emergency should happen, you should just absolutely forget about your share and deal with your emergency. We will sort our all the things later and usually plan to double up the following week.


5. And what about the Facebook Group?

We’re really excited about launching our first private Facebook group this year.  Inside our group, we will build community! You’ll be able to connect with other food conscious people, get some great recipes and cooking tips and share what you’re up to in your kitchen too. Participation is totally optional, but knowing our customers, this is going to be awesome!