Our certified organic chickens are raised outdoors on pasture, the way they were meant to be. Foraging for insects, grasses and clover, these birds get lots of exercise and fresh air. Our chickens are moved to fresh pasture daily, providing constant access to forage and a clean living environment, ensuring a high-quality chicken that is juicy, tender, and tastes great! In addition to the forage they find on pasture, our chickens are supplemented with a ration of certified organic locally sourced grain.

We take pride in guaranteeing the highest quality chicken for our customers. After arriving as day old chicks, our birds never leave the farm. They are processed by the farmers at Stonecrop Farm, which avoids the stress of being transported to a slaughterhouse and leads to a higher quality product.

Price: $5.99/lb

Average size: 3-6 lbs

How to Purchase: Available at the Stonecrop Farm Store and the Brighton Farmers' Market. Currently sold out until May 2018.